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    Especially when you’re watching and your bitch comes with a sandwich. She then takes your pants off and starts sucking your dick while you eat your sandwich and watch tv. That’s the best Dam sandwich I’ve ever had.

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    Butthurt (noun): People who make images like this.

    so i’m guessing you make jokes about women belonging in the kitchen and you are, indeed, single? 

    Only on my own freewill. Your choice to throw that back at me was both adorable and hilarious. I’m a borderline sexist and an anti-feminist and yet I can still talk to females.

    Also what’s that saying about you? Are you, as a female, unable to take a joke about stereotypes? Are you not mentally STRONG enough or even SMART enough to tell that they’re all jokes in a light hearted manner?

    I’ve made jokes like this my whole life, and my ex was the most independent women I’ve ever met. I loved that about her, but It never stopped me from making jokes. I ended it with her because after 3 years I wasn’t ready to continue such a serious relationship. I’m still making jokes like that and I’m in a no title relationship right now because I’m not ready for the commitment. You need to learn to stop being so butthurt about something as stupid as a joke and start whining when someone is literally fucking you in the ass.


    Someone get this guy a beer.

    The best part about this picture is the irony of it implying that only men are single. I guess feminist understand that women do not have the capacity to be single. They must always be committed to a man to be able to survive in this world.


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  3. Absolutely true, when you’re home and you’re hungry and you don’t have all the ingredients to make a sandwich, do you not just eat bread sometimes? How about when you’re driving and you’re hungry and you just bought groceries. You’re not about to make a sandwich while driving, so you just grab some bread from your bag and start scarfing on it. Now replace the context above with sex and blowjobs.

    Although the best is when a bitch makes you a sandwich, sucks your dick and then you fuck her while eating your sandwich. Just tell the bitch to make more then one sandwich and they should last you through both experiences.